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Duty and Disaster: Records Management and the Burning of Kingston


Precept and Grand Jury List, Court of General Sessions, 1747

Delegates Elected to Attend a State Convention to Vote on a Revised United States Constitution, 1788

Tax Assessment List for the County of Ulster, 1716/7

A Tax to Build a Court House and Goal, 1734/5

Letter to Surveyor General from Ulster County Justices, 1765

Quit-Rent Receipts for Kingston, 1717 and 1737

Officers Returns from the Town of Hurley, 1745

Oath of Allegiance to the State of New York, c.1785

Death Inquisition Taken at the Dwelling House of Nicolas Keeter, Rochester, 1751

An Inventory of the Real and Personal Estate of an Insolvent Debtor, 1774

Oath of Office of Christopher Tappen, Deputy County Clerk, 1765

Court of General Sessions Indictment for Counterfeiting, 1774